Underfloor Heating

Many people believe that underfloor heating is a modern idea, when in actual fact; it has been around for over 2000 years. As the legions of Rome moved north, they realised the growing need to provide winter warmth inside both public and private buildings. Fortunately, a fully working system was already available, in the form of the ‘Hypocaust’, which roughly translates from Greek as ‘heat from below’. This system allowed hot air to flow beneath a building’s floors, which were raised up on brick columns.

Obviously the technology has come a long way since then, but the basic idea remains the same. Underfloor heating systems can now be installed in both concrete and timber suspended floors, as well as most other floor constructions.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to choosing underfloor heating as opposed to traditional heating methods.

Polypipe underfloor heating

Optimise Plumbing & Heating are installers of Polypipe Underfloor Heating.

Polypipe is one of the UK's largest manufacturers of specialist plastic plumbing, heating, waste and drainage products.

As well as being a market leader in underfloor heating, Polypipe has pioneered exacting standards and set the benchmark for quality in all of their products.

With a focus on innovation and continuous product improvement, Polypipe has become a pacesetter in the industry - developing products that are at the forefront of energy efficiency and effective design.

Polypipe also come with a 50 year guarantee on pipes, ensuring that in the unlikely event of a defect in materials or the manufacturing process, you are covered.

Unique to the Polypipe service proposition is the room and house packs concept. Recognising that under floor heating systems are difficult to specify using individual components, we created a range of over 300 pre-set combinations that can be ordered as complete kits. By simply specifying key variables such as floor type, room size, control and circuit data the right pack can be specified in minutes.

Following recent innovative product introductions, we have categorised our range into 3 groups in order to make selecting even more instinctive: Underfloor, Overlay and MHP.

Solid Floors

Polypipe under floor heating in solid or screeded floors incorporates the unique Polypipe screeded floor panel. The lightweight plastic floor panels nest for easy storage and carrying.

Polypipe has the perfect solution for installing underfloor heating into solid or screeded floors. Utilising our unique lightweight plastic floor panels, which are quick and easy to cut to size, it is possible to fit Polypipe underfloor heating into any shaped room.

Polypipe solid floor panels form a simple grid to ensure the fastest possible pipe laying and also provide a precise guide for the pipe, ensuring that the minimum pipe bending radius is achieved. The panels are laid above pre-installed insulation and the system includes edging insulation strip to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

Polypipe underfloor heating systems can be used with the following solid floor constructions:

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Floating Floors

The Polypipe floating floor system is designed for use in applications where a solid floor installation is not suitable due to structural weight limitations or where a 'dry build' floor option is required. Suitable for use in either new build or existing properties, the floating floor panels can be installed directly on top of both solid and timber floors.

The 50mm thick high density polystyrene panels have a thermal value of 0.036W/mK and can be used to enhance the thermal insulation requirement of the floor structure as required under current Building Regulations. However, care should be taken when installing floating floor panels on top of a primary insulation layer to ensure that excessive deflection does not occur in the final floor construction.

It is therefore recommended that any other insulation materials used below the floating floor panels are of a high density construction (100kN/m2 @ 10% compression min).

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Suspended Floor

Designed for use in timber suspended or battened floors, the Polypipe suspended floor system uses aluminium double heat spreader plates to transmit the heat evenly across the finished floor surface.

Suitable for joist widths of 300mm to 450mm, the spreader plates are simply fixed to the joist using small nails or staples. The pipe is then run into the preformed grooves of the panels which are designed to hold the pipe securely at 225mm average centers.

A layer of insulation below the panels will ensure that almost all of the heat generated passes up into the room. The Polypipe suspended floor system is also suitable for use with "sprung" flooring systems as used in sports halls etc.

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Modular Heating Panels

Modular Heating Panels are an exciting new product concept from Polypipe that enable quick and simple installation of underfloor heating into suspended floors in both new build and renovation projects.

Installing under floor heating into upper floors can be challenging, even in new build projects. Most conventional under floor heating systems comprise a single section of pipe, housed or placed within another part of the system structure, such as floor panels, which are cut to size on site. This works fine as there are no interruptions to the laying of the pipe. In suspended floor installations however, the pipe, plates and insulation have to fit within an obvious obstruction: the supporting floor joists. It is working around the joists, and avoiding other services, that has often led to under floor heating being avoided in upper floors.

As the name suggests, a Modular Heating Panel (MHP) is a pre-configured solution, where all of the floor heating system components are supplied fitted within complete panels, which are simply fitted and connected together on site. Thanks to MHP it is now possible to fit panels quickly into the existing joist voids and connect them to a standard heat source.

MHP works with both traditional and engineered joists and can be fitted from above or below.

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OverlayTM is a unique low profile floor heating system ideal for both renovation and new build projects.

Installed over the existing floor and only 18mm in depth, OverlayTM allows floor heating to be installed where traditional under floor systems would either require expensive excavation or would require the floor to be raised to an unacceptable level.

The OverlayTM system is available in 2 panel types to allow for installation to all build types and floor coverings.

OverlayTM panel is a fibrous panel used for heavyweight floor coverings such as ceramics, or where the floor covering needs to be secured directly to the panel, e.g. solid wood.

OverlayTM systems use a 12mm pipe at 150mm pipe centres and provide excellent response times and heat output compared with traditional built in under floor heating solutions and are therefore ideal for both traditional heating systems and low temperature renewable systems.

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Water Temperature Controls

The temperature of water required in under floor heating systems is less than that required for radiators or stored hot water. If these other services are connected to the same boiler it will be necessary to control the water temperature using one of the Polypipe water temperature control units.

Room Temperature Controls

A comprehensive range of room temperature control products are available to complement Polypipe under floor heating systems. Designed specifically to maximise both comfort and efficiency, the unique programming functions provide the perfect control solution for under floor heating systems.


Manifolds are common to all systems above 30m2, independent of the underfloor heating system. Manifolds are supplied complete and fixed to the wall mounting bracket.

The manifold comes complete with a drain and air vent assembly, which can be positioned on either end of the manifold. Isolation valves are supplied separately for the supply end of each manifold.

The bottom manifold is the flow and the top manifold is the return. Each manifold port comes complete with a Polyplumb push fit connection. Pipes are connected to manifolds by inserting a pipe stiffener into the pipe and simply push fitting the pipe into the port.

The flow meter on each flow port of the manifold provides a visual indication of the flow through each circuit. Both manual and lockshield balancing can be undertaken by either using the blue cap on the return manifold for manual adjustment, or removing the blue cap and adjusting using the key supplied with each manifold.

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