Boiler Services

Optimise Plumbing & Heating are registered Viessmann installers and when you have a Vitodens 100 installed by us it will be covered by a 5 year warranty, 10 years for the Heat Exchanger

Responsible heating with Viessmann

The development of global energy consumption and expert forecasts show: an efficient and environmentally responsible use of fossil fuels is indispensable in order to secure the future.

Energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Fossil oil and gas reserves – created during 500 million years – have been the main energy sources since the industrialisation. The CO2 emissions generated by this contribute to global warming and and endanger the basis of our lives. In order to survive it is literally necessary to take initiative now. Viessmann acts responsibly and provides highly efficient heating solutions that help protect the environment.

Twin strategy: Increased efficiency and use of renewable energies

Thanks to economical and responsible consumption of fossil fuels and the use of innovative heating technology every homeowner can make an active contribution to protecting the environment. As an added benefit the investment in state-of-the-art heating technology saves costs right from the start, as the energy consumption can be reduced dramatically compared to old heating systems.

Heating market offers greatest potential

The biggest potential to save energy is a substantial increase in energy efficiency, plus an intensified use of renewable energies. Viessmann offers a complete range of innovative heating systems that sets new standards. Top technology that protects valuable resources and hence provides and important contribution to securing the future.

Replacing an old heating system now pays off

Replacing old heating systems with new, innovative and energy efficient technology reduces dependency on energy costs and helps protect the climate as well.

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